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To: Pennsy Supply Re: Prologis Building, Carlisle August 2015 I want to take a moment of your time to thank each and every one of you for your work efforts, your dedication to a very difficult schedule, and your commitment to long hours to help us provide our customer with a quality building in the time frame that was required. We could not have accomplished this without your efforts and support. All of you should be complimented for a job well done. All of us here at Neuber Concrete want all of the team at Pennsy Supply to know that we are truly blessed to have such a great team that worked with us to complete this project.

Joe Neuber

Neuber Concrete

SR 74 Team, Good job on this project. PennDOT comments: Contractor completed project on time. Overall end result of project was excellent. Department and contractor received several compliments as to how well the project turned out.



Frank, just wanted to commend you , Luke, and his paving crew for the job that was done at the Camp Hill Wal-Mart. It is without a doubt one the nicest looking paving jobs I have ever seen. When Luke and I made up the schedule I was a little leery on whether they would be able to meet the dates which they have with flying colors even with the rain delays we encountered. Your men all were hard working and cooperative at all times and we didn't have any problems on this project at all. It's nice to see the level of professionalism that was exhibited on this project as we all know that is not always the case. Again, it has been a pleasure working with your firm. Please pass this along to your superiors as when credit is due it should be given.

Britt Williams
Project Supervisor
Leonard S. Fiore, Inc. | General Contractor

Good Morning, I just wanted to thank you for working with us to get Fox Hill completed in such an expedient manner. I really appreciate your patience as we worked through the issues with Belco. My folks said the job looks excellent. I am excited to go out today and take a look. Have a great Labor Day weekend, and thanks again for your help.

Shawn Arbaugh
Township Manager
South Londonderry Township

Chris Barton Concrete QC Manager Dear Chris, Many thanks for opening up your concrete laboratory, classroom, and batch plant to our NRCS Concrete Fundamentals training class last week on October 1st. Our group of 31 students included many local NRCS employees as well as other conservation employees from across Pennsylvania. Many of our students from this session were located in counties that Pennsy supplies. Our employees greatly appreciated using your facilities to learn about various concrete mixes, hatching concrete, testing procedures, and testing equipment. Thanks you for allocating your staff hours to be with us!!!!! We appreciated that we could bring the students in different small groups and we also appreciated the full site tour of your operation! Travis Kratzer gave such a wonderful tour of your yard and batch plant!!! I walked with Travis and both groups for the tours on Wednesday. You, Travis and Pennsy Supply were very gracious in working with us. Thanks again for fitting us into your schedule! Over the years, Pennsy Supply has provided concrete for many, many conservation practices in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Especially concrete for manure storages and also for barn yard improvements. We appreciate the high quality products and services that you have provided to our farmer clients for their conservation improvements.

W.H. Latshaw
State Conservation Engineer
Natural Resources Conservation Service

The prime contractor for this project [Rt 934] was very good to work with. When unusual circumstances occurred or additional things were required of the contractor they responded quickly to the departments directives. They take pride in their work and getting it done the first time without rework.


Since I am usually e-mailing to forward a concern/complaint, I would like to let you know that Cathy Smith (resident) said the paving work done on SR 0501 in Lancaster County was excellent and she could not believe how nice a job was done, including areas around manhole covers. Have a nice weekend.

Miriam Paolilli
Clerk Typist
PA Department of Transportation

The contractor worked very hard and completed the SR 501-04M project to a high level of quality workmanship. Although there were a few customer complaints regarding driveway paving adjustments, the contractor was very willing to correct these issues and any and all other project issues to near perfection. The project manager and superintendent were always available to discuss project needs from the start of the project to the very end. They produced all required documentation in a quick manner without delay. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this contractor and believe that they will continue to provide quality construction work in District 5.

PennDOT Evaluator


Hi Frank, I want to compliment you, Luke and the crew on the excellent work everyone did for our paving contract. You and Luke were easy to work with, especially both of your patience while waiting for our other contractor to finish his jobs. The communication between all parties involved made this an enjoyable project. Last, but most important, the quality of work was top-notch and I would recommend Pennsy to anyone looking for a quality paving company. Thanks again and please express my thoughts to everyone at Pennsy.

Jeff Kline
Public Works Director
Lower Paxton Township

On behalf of the Township, I would like to thank Pennsy Supply for allowing the Township to deposit snow on Pennsy Supply property from the recent winter storm 'Jonas'. We also appreciated the upkeep of moving snow so the township could continue its deposit. Your help was a tremendous relief in the snow removal process.

Earl Blauch
North Londonderry Township

Frank , thanks for a good job on the parking lot at 390 East Penn Dr. Looks great.

Sam Reed
RSR Realtors

I just wanted to pass along to your staff and crew of the fine job that was done in the Borough of Lititz with the re-paving of 501. I thought it went smoothly with very few issues and the end results looks great. Please pass this along!

Kerry Nye
Chief of Police
Lititz Police Department

Walked the site today to see what was going on and thought to give everyone a quick update on the progress at the Wertzville site. Pennsy Supply has equipment all over the place - the roadbed is graded and they expect to lay a bed of millings on the road tomorrow. The pathway up the hill is cut in and graded and the Pennsy heavy equipment operator has done a great job of following the engineering design and adapting it to the contours. It will make for a very picturesque and beautiful view when walking up to the site of the memorial what with all of the curves and bends in the pathway. The small parking lot is cut in and a small turnout is being added to the parking lot. Based on today's observations it is expected that gravel and paving will be put down next week. HTVRC has ordered a 30' temporary flag pole and once the path is completed we plan to put it up very near the proposed site of the memorial.

Gary Coburn

HTVRC Memorial Site Committee

Good evening. I live along PA Rt 23 in New Holland. We have had a front row seat to the entire resurfacing from Shirk Rd. to Groffdale Rd. Just wanted to let you know that your crews are professional and experienced, especially the tall older gentleman with white hair. He has answered our questions and chatted each evening we see him. We have also enjoyed talking with Donald, working as a flagman. We haven been feeding him carrot cake and coffee. Thanks for a great job!

Phil Groff
New Holland Resident

Regarding re-paving on North Bailey Road... I live on North Bailey Road. Thanks for doing a great job and making access in and out of our driveway easy for us. As an engineer, I like to know when we have done a good job. I am sure you do, also.



On behalf of the Executive Board and residents of the Hawthorne Ridge Community Owners Association, we write to express our most sincere thanks for your efforts in ensuring the community paving project was completed. . . . To Pennsy Supply, we have been very impressed with the level of professionalism you have exhibited throughout this process. We understand from our management company that you timely responded to numerous questions and concerns from our residents, and helped to keep us informed of the work to be completed. Should you ever require a reference for this type of work, ....

Mary Eddy
Executive Board
Hawthorne Ridge Community Owners Assoc.

Regarding the Lancaster Marriott job on February 21, 2018 - "Thank for the great effort today. Things went very smooth at our end. Your drivers are very cooperative and conduct themselves very professionally. We appreciate their effort and patience on this unusually tight site. Looking forward to Level 6 in approximately two weeks!"

Tom Bortzfield
Field Superintendent
Wickersham Construction