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Community Outreach ... the ability and desire to give back.

Pennsy Supply Inc. has been in the heart of Central Pennsylvania for almost 100 years. The company, now a part CRH, has grown and evolved over the years, but its loyalty remains where its roots were planted. Pennsy Supply takes seriously its commitment to its corporate core value of social responsibility and seeks to give back to the very community which has long been its customer base.

In 2013, Pennsy Supply made a corporate commitment to develop a partnership with a local non-profit organization. The goal was to identify organizations within its service community who were putting their best foot forward to positively impact the community and who could benefit from the company's material contributions, volunteer interests, and pool of talents. Pennsy was also seeking organizations which in turn would be a source of enrichment for their corporate employees who would be involved.

Clare House

Pennsy Supply is pleased to present Clare House as its 2015-16 "Focus Non-Profit". We are proud to join hands with Clare House as they seek to create a community where all women and children have a sense of optimism, confidence, and hope for the future.

Thank you, Clare House, for joining hands in partnership with Pennsy Supply. We look forward to contributing our talents and resources and to learn more about the world that you seek to impact.

Additionally, the following are other ways Pennsy Supply and our employees engage in Community Service Outreach:

  • Creating a Themed Mixer Fleet
  • Packing teams for Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation
  • Helping to staff the American Cancer Society Telethon
  • Visiting elementary schools on Community Reading Day
  • Being a Linus Project sponsor
  • Sponsoring Eagle Scout projects
  • Presenting rock cycle education to elementary school students


“Regarding the Lancaster Marriott job on February 21, 2018 - "Thank for the great effort today. Things went very smooth at our end. Your drivers are very cooperative and conduct themselves very professionally. We appreciate their effort and patience on this unusually tight site. Looking forward to Level 6 in approximately two weeks!" ”

Tom Bortzfield
Field Superintendent
Wickersham Construction